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Netgear is one of the most technology-oriented brands in the field of networking technologies. The users of Netgear products don’t have to face the hassles and lag behind during the data transmission. Besides manufacturing some of the best routers, Netgear also produces some of the most efficient and reliable product lines like the Arlo camera series, Nighthawk Pro gaming series routers, Orbi series routers etc. Netgear Nighthawk series wireless routers are one of the roughest and tough devices delivered by Netgear.

Netgear Orbi series

The Netgear Orbi series products are basically the Orbi series Wi-Fi system. The Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi devices are used to extend the existing wireless internet speed and the existing wireless signal connectivity throughout the network. The Netgear Orbi rbk50-100INS Home Wi-Fi system lets you get rid of the range extenders and boosters. The Orbi Wi-Fi systems are a cooler version of your existing wireless internet and network set up. It comes with an Orbi Wi-Fi router and a satellite.

The Netgear router firmware update through

The firmware of a router- The firmware of a router is actually software that acts as an interface between the router and the user. The user can get into the router set up portal only through this software or firmware. The Netgear router firmware allows the user to get into the router and configure it according to so that all the features of the router can be used to an optimal level. Some other customization can also be done to the router only through the firmware. Therefore, the firmware of the router can be referred to as the pillar of a secure and stable connection. The user needs to log in to the router firmware through the web address

How can we update the firmware of the Netgear Nighthawk router?

The updating of the Netgear router firmware is not a complex task and anyone can do it by just following the instructions step by step. The users with less prior experience of Netgear router configuration can also update the firmware of their router.

Follow the guide below to successfully update the firmware.

  • Primarily what you need to do is visit the website of the Netgear support portal i.e. and quotes your router device model.
  • The exact router device model should be quoted because the exact firmware needs to be downloaded.
  • Now download the firmware update from the Download center of the Netgear site and save it in a specific location of your PC.
  • Now, enter the web address in the address bar of the browser and enter the homepage by providing the username and the password set earlier. The default username and the password are “admin” and “password” respectively.
  • Now, look for the Administrator tab and then click on the router firmware
  • Now, select the firmware update
  • Upon selecting the firmware update tab, you will be asked to specify the location of the downloaded update file in the PC.
  • Double click or open the update file when prompted and the upload process will be started instantly. The upload process is basically the firmware update process that gets started into time.
  • After the upload has finished properly, wait for the router to reboot and the reboot will also take a few seconds of the user’s time.
  • The firmware of the router is now updated to the latest version and all the other features like the security and network data speed and the Wi-Fi signal strength will be optimized accordingly.

Important to remember- Make sure that the update process isn’t interrupted or halted in between the whole process. The user needs to make sure about the whole updating process should go through smoothly and the process isn’t interrupted in any case. If in any case the update process is hurdled or stopped due to any reason, then your router firmware can get corrupt or broken and the Netgear router can be rendered useless and you might end up in replacing the Netgear router.

Why is it important to update the firmware of the router?

The firmware as we know is the backbone of any stable connection and thus it is important to keep the firmware of the router updated to the latest version. The update in the firmware of the router brings in some useful changes and addition of features to it. The additional features added to the router after updates are the enhanced security, extended speed, more stable connection etc.

The enhanced security refers to the additional parental controls like the added web controls, parental controls etc. The users usually transmit some confidential and sensitive information like the bank details etc. over the internet. So, it is very important to update the firmware of the router to enhance the security of the router.

Netgear router connection through the WPS button

The Netgear router connection can be done through one of the two connection methods. The two methods are.

  • Connecting via the WPS button
  • Connection through the web interface

 WPS button- The WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup) is the easiest and the fastest way of connecting your router to the device. Follow the below said steps to successfully connect your router to the PC and configure it accordingly.

  • Assuming that your router is switched on, press the WPS button given on the back of the router.
  • Now, try to click the WPS tab on your PC simultaneously.
  • This will establish the connection between the router and the device.
  • Now, you will also need to configure the router accordingly. The router configuration needs to be done exactly as described earlier.

Note- the WPS button is not much-used method as it requires the users to press the WPS button at almost the same time and the users fail to do so. Therefore, users don’t prefer this method of connection between the router and the device.

Netgear Orbi App Setup setupDownload the NETGEAR Orbi App You can use the NETGEAR Orbi app to set up your Orbi network. To find the app, scan a QR code or search for NETGEAR Orbi in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Launch the NETGEAR Orbi app on your mobile device and follow the prompts.

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Netgear Orbi WiFi System

Looking for solutions to get wifi everywhere ?

You can setup Netgear Orbi wifi system in your houses or offices to end dead zones. Netgear Orbi routers provide a great solution to provide you wifi everywhere in your house.

How to setup Orbi router model RBR50

Follow the steps which are mentioned here to setup your Netgear Orbi -

To cable your router:

  1. Unplug your modem’s power, leaving the modem connected to the wall jack for your Internet service. If your modem uses a battery backup, remove the battery.
  2. Plug in and turn on your modem. If your modem uses a battery backup, put the battery back in. Overview 16 Orbi WiFi System
  3. Connect your modem to the Internet port of your router with the yellow Ethernet cable that came with your router. Note: The router shown in this image is the Orbi router (model RBR50). The same setup applies to all Orbi routers.
  4. Connect the power adapter to your router and plug the power adapter into an outlet.
  5. If the Power LED does not light, press the Power On/Off button on the rear panel of the router.

Cannot Access the Internet - Netgear Orbi

Check your network and Internet connections:

1. Make sure that your WiFi-enabled computer or mobile device is connected to the Orbi network.

2. If you are connected to Orbi but you cannot access the Internet, check to see if your Internet connection is working.

3. Launch a web browser from a computer or WiFi device that is connected to the network.

4. Enter Troubleshooting 133 Orbi WiFi System A login window opens.

5. Enter the router admin user name and password. The user name is admin. The default password is password. The user name and password are case-sensitive. The BASIC Home page displays.

6. Click the ADVANCED tab. The ADVANCED Home page displays.

7. Check that an IP address is shown for the Internet port. If is shown, your router did not obtain an IP address from your Internet service provider (ISP). If your router cannot obtain an IP address from the ISP, you can force your cable or DSL modem to recognise your new router by restarting your network.

To use the Setup Wizard:

Use the Internet Setup Wizard You can use the Setup Wizard to detect your Internet settings and automatically set up your router.

1. Launch a web browser from a computer or mobile device that is connected to your Orbi network.

2. Enter A login window opens.

3. Enter the router user name and password. The user name is admin. The default password is password. The user name and password are case-sensitive. The BASIC Home page displays.

4. Select ADVANCED > Setup Wizard.

5. Select the Yes radio button. If you select No, you are taken to the Internet Setup page.

6. Click the Next button. The Setup Wizard searches your Internet connection for servers and protocols to determine your ISP configuration and checks your operation mode.

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To reset your Orbi WiFi system:

    • Make sure your Netgear Orbi device is powered on.

netgear orbi login

    • Using a paper clip or similar object, press and hold the Reset button until the Power LED on your Orbi device blinks amber.
      Note: If you’re resetting a wall plug satellite, the ring LED blinks amber.
      Your Orbi device is reset.

Orbi router and satellite setup 

Orbi router and satellite are one of the best wireless networking devices combinations available in the market. These devices are not only loaded with some of the best features but the Orbi routers and satellite devices are very easy to access, configure and set up. Users can have their Orbi devices configured through the Orbi mobile application that can be downloaded and installed on almost every operating system.

Orbi router and satellite setup

Setting up the Orbi router and satellite is not a tough task. Anyone having a bit knowledge of networking set up can easily get their Orbi router configured and set up by reading our orbi router setup guide mentioned below.

 Read the complete setup instructions carefully.

  • Primarily, make sure to unplug and switch off your existing modem device and wait for a few seconds.
  • Now, connect the modem back to its power cord and switch it on and wait for the modem to boot up properly.
  • Connect the modem to the WAN/Internet port of your Orbi router with an Ethernet cable provided with the devices and connect the Orbi router to a power source and wait for it to boot up.
  • The Orbi router’s LED light will be stable and solid white and then pulse white.
  • Now, you have to place your Orbi satellite in between the center of your house and a bit nearer to the Orbi router so that it gets connected to the Orbi router easily and then you can move it a bit far from the router.
  • The Orbi satellite’s LED ring will also get solid white and then pulse white indicating the Orbi router and satellite interconnection.
  • Once, both the Orbi router and the router are connected properly and fairly. These LED rings will flash solid blue lights.
  • Now, users can connect their wifi enabled computer systems or smartphones to their Orbi router’ or Orbi satellite’s wifi network by simply finding the SSID network name and password from the router’s and satellite’s back panel.
  • For accessing and configuring your Orbi router or satellite, the users are advised to download the Orbi application or simply visit orbilogin.comto access the setup interface of their Orbi devices.

What do these various LED lights mean on the Orbi router and satellite?

Solid blue- Solid blue LED refers to the good connection between the Orbi router and the satellite

Solid Magenta- Solid Magenta LED on orbi router and Satellite indicates to the user to move the Orbi satellite a bit closer to the Orbi router as the connection is fair.

Solid Amber- The Solid Amber LED light indicates the poor connection between the Orbi router and the Orbi satellite. Users now have to move their Orbi satellite much closer to their Orbi router.

How do I update the firmware of my Orbi Wifi system?

The firmware of your Orbi Wifi system can be easily updated with the help of an orbi application on your smartphone.

  1. Just launch your Orbi application and it is assumed that your smartphone is already connected to the Orbi wifi network.
  2. Sign in with your login details and select the settings tab, then click the “check for updates” tab.
  3. If any update is pending, the Orbi app will prompt you to download and install the Orbi firmware update file. You just have to tap the “update” tab and all will be done itself withing few minutes. Or simply follow the on-screen guide thereof.