How to place the Orbi router and the Orbi Satellite for the best synchronization?

There are a lot of questions regarding the distance between RBR and RBS. But the basic thing that
matters a lot is the environment inside and outside of your home or office. There are strong indications that will alert you to maintain the distance of your router and the satellite. These are the status of the LED lights, given over your router and the satellite as well. Let us discuss the status of the LEDs.

  1. Blue LED: – If you see the Blinking Blue light over your satellite, it means you have successfully synchronized the router and the satellite. The connection between your router and the satellite is pretty good. So in this state, you do not need to change the distance, it is well settled.
  2. Amber LED: – The Amber LED is the indication of the fair synchronization of your router and the satellite. To get the blue LED to be turned on, try to bring the satellite and the router a little closer
    to each other.
  3. Magenta LED: – If the Orbi router and the Satellite failed to synchronize then it is the indication of wrong or far placement of both the devices, the modem, and the router. As you would try bringing the satellite closer to the router, the moment you see the strong Blue light, stop moving the satellite and fix it at that particular place.
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