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ORBI CBK 20; Change the WIFI name and Channel for ADMIN Network

For the users of ORBI CBK 20, the WIFI MESH router has the chance to set up three WIFI networks. One is for them to access the Administrative panel, second is for employee access, and the third one is for guest access. In this systematic setup your CBK20 Orbi router and the satellite help a lot as it is already pre-set with the single SSID WIFI network name for all. These pre-installed settings can be found on the label of your router. When you would change the WIFI settings by logging into the router, it will automatically send the new settings to your satellite or the modem.

Steps to change the WIFI network name and the channels on your CBK20 Orbi Mesh WIFI router…orbi-login.net

  1. The mobile or the computer that is connected to your CBK20 router, fire a web browser from only that device.
  2. Enter the web URL that is customized to change your settings Orbilogincom.com and a login entrance gateway will be disclosed to you.
  3. At this entrance, enter the user details including the ID and password form the label of the router.
  4. You will find yourself to the basic home page of the router. Thereafter, select the WIRELESS settings, and you can easily see the ADMIN’s WIFI setting page.
  5. In order to change the admin network name, at the SSID field type a new name that can be up to 32 characters.
  6. The default SSID will be generated for you, randomly. If you wish to customize, then type the new SSID at the same time and then type this new SSID again to confirm.

Changing the WIFI channels for your CBK20 cable modem router…

To change the channels of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, go to the menu and select the number for the channels that you want to have on your router’s network. In some of the areas, all channels van not perform well. So, to avoid interference, do not change the channels unless you strike any issue with the running channel.

If you are using multiple routers, modems, satellites, and extenders in your network or in your access point, you may experience fewer obstacles if adjacent access points are using several different channels. NETGEAR Orbi recommends to its user to use at least for channels between your adjacent access points. For example, take 1 and 5, or 6 and 10 as the adjacent channels.

By clicking the APPLY button, you agree that your settings have been saved and applied. Now, the router will send the new settings to the connected modems or satellites.

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