Unable to connect the 5Ghz network on Orbi RBK50 AC3000 from my Window and Macintosh

While connecting the Orbi AC3000 (RBK53) from the Mac or the Window 10, 8, or 7, the user will see
three networks ORBI22, ORBI22_2GEXT, and ORBI22_5GEXT. One of the networks would show as the
default connection while the other will be seen as optional, but when you go to connect either your
laptop or your Mac, it will show the error message “Connection Failed” and on the window laptop it
will give the error message, like “Can’t connect to this Network”.
Before fixing this issue we should be aware of the few facts that what is the firmware version that you are using? Is it compatible with the device make? The second most important thing to be kept in conscious that what are the MFR and mode# of the ISP modem by which your NG router is connected to? Are you operating the router to the router mode or the AP mode? So these are some of the basic information that we all must be aware of before killing any of the issues. Treatment can only be possible is you know the exact cause.
Follow the downward mentioned descriptions to set up and fix these troubles.
If you could see only one SSID name then,

  1. First, you should set up a custom SSID name on your RBR. It can be anything, like the name of your pet ad house combined, it can be a phrase or funny idiom. It is not mandatory to use the default one that comes with the device you brought. Then it has been advised to all the users to use a wired PC or Mac to connect both the devices, the RBR and the End device you are having. Log into the or scroll for the orbilogin.net and configure the SSID name and password.
  2. After setting up the RBR, synchronize your RBS correctly to the RBR. The RBS password should be up to date and the version you will be using should be the same as the Firmware of the RBR. Now
    you can use the synchronized button, given at the back of the RBR then do a similar process on the
    RBS one at a time. They should be synchronized and the LED lights over the router or the modem should be lit up to blue color. Then you can turn off the router.
  3. Make sure about the distance that you have arranged to settle your modem and the router. The recommended distance is 30 feet (Between the RBR and RBS). What are the channels you are using for internet connections? Is it auto or manual? We suggest all the users set it on manual channels 1,
    6 or 11 on 2.4 GHz and you can even use any of the unused channels on 5 GHz bands. If you have many Wi-Fi neighbors nearby, then try enabling the Beamforming and MIMO and WMM.
  4. Go to Advanced Settings or Wireless Settings
  5. Disable the Armor, Circle, Daisy Chain, Fast Roaming, and IPv6 and fix the Coexistence from
    20/40 to 40 MHz
  6. After that save the settings and reboot the router and the satellite both one after another.

There is one solution that you can go for. Try to connect to the regular name that is “ORBI22” then you could navigate to the web interface with the help of www.orbilogin.net in your browser. You can also use the Orbi application to perform this action. And see that your computer has been attached to your router

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